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Our clients love EARTHmatrix and were willing to share their experiences with our knowledgeable staff.

Kurin is very detail oriented and gets projects done quickly and properly. He has a great knowledge base, it is difficult to find someone with familiarity in so many different areas of technology.

Jenean Kaiser
VP of Operations, Synergy Broadband

EARTHmatrix is one company you can rely on to fix any technology problem you may be having. Kurin and his staff treat their clients with respect while taking the time to explain the solutions that have been implemented. If Kurin says he will get something done you can rest assured it will be done by the deadline.

Kate Zarske
Owner and Operator, Kate Zarske Web Design, LLC

I've collaborated with Kurin on some business projects in the past and found him to be reliable, professional and current in his technical knowledge and capabilities. I would recommend EARTHmatrix for IT Consulting to any business that would rather be spending their time focusing on the company's work instead of their computer maintenance.

Nathan Pitts
Owner and Operator, Irom Enterprises

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